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Broady Partnership

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High School Diploma

 Freedom Leadership Academy has partnered with E.L. Broady Academy to offer an opportunity for our community to earn their high school diploma, completely online.

What is E.L. Broady Academy?

We are a regionally accredited, online Christian-based private school preparing graduates to thrive as tomorrow’s leaders.

Broady Academy


14,000 graduates
100% Online
Affordable Payment Options
The Partnership

Freedom Leadership Academy is a partner with Emma Lee Broady Academy. The Broady Academy diploma will be issued to all Freedom Leadership Academy graduates.  The regionally accredited high school diploma will enable graduates to use their diploma for community college, career/trade school, 4-year college, and/or the military.

Adult High School Program

Broady Academy offers the best adult high school online program in the country. Our adult program is a superb alternative to the GED. To earn our regionally accredited high school diploma, the adult learner must successfully complete a minimum of 24 credits which includes 4 English, 4 math, 3 science, and 4 social studies.

Enrollment Process

Our enrollment process begins with the receipt of the enrollment application. Once the adult learner has submitted an enrollment application, an enrollment specialist will reach out to the learner to discuss goals, objectives work/life experiences, previous high school credits and tuition. Once the adult has been approved for admission and the tuition payment received, the learner is issued a unique username and a password.


Learners may enroll in a 3-month semester or 6 months plan.  If learner needs to extend their time, they will be enrolled on a month-to-month basis at $149.00 per month. 

Previous Credits

Our adult high school completion program considers that the learner may have earned credits from a previous high school and have work and life experiences acquired throughout their adult life. The previous high school credits and work/life experiences may reduce the amount of time needed to complete the adult program.


The adult may submit a previous transcript from an approved high school for evaluation. Upon approval credits for core and/or elective credits will be transferred toward meeting Broady Academy graduation requirements however, a minimum of 5 courses must be completed as a Broady Academy adult learner. Work/life experiences will be captured and evaluated via our Resume Guide and will be used primarily to award elective credits.


Once the previous high school transcript, Resume Guide and all appropriate assessments have been completed, an individual adult learning plan will be developed, and course work assigned. All course work is completed online. The learner will use the Student Portal to access their course work. Our learners have access to their work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Academic Coach

Each learner is assigned a qualified Academic Coach to guide them through the adult learning process and help them obtain their goal of completing the adult high school program.


Learners who have completed all educational requirements for graduation and tuition payments will be declared diploma eligible. The learner will be sent a diploma eligible letter with instructions on how to order their official documents.


Option A--$399 in 2 Payments of $199.50 for a 3 Month Semester Without Academic Coach.  Final balance must be paid within 30 days from the start of classes.

Option B-$599 for 6 Month Plan With Academic Coach.  May pay in full or in 2 payments: $399 down and  $200 balance to be paid within 30 days from the start of classes.
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